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8526 Westminster at Newland Westminster, CA 92683 T: (714) 892-6916 | F: (714) 893-6557

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18061 Beach at Talbert Huntington Beach, CA 92648 T: (714) 842-5390 | F: (714) 842-5795

Attention Healthcare Professionals, Caregivers, and Patients:

F & N Pharma, Inc. is pleased to announce that West Drug and West Pharmacy, have won the Medicare Competitive Bidding contract for Durable Medical Effective July, 1, 2013 covering 3 counties: Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego. The seven categories that will be serviced are as follows:

    Durable Medical

  • 1.Standard (Power & Manual), Wheelchairs, Scooters, and Related Accessories.
  • 2.Enteral Nutrients, Equipment, & Supplies (Nutrition)
  • 3.CPAP Devices, Respiratory Assist Device, & Related Supplies and Accessories.
  • 4.Hospital Beds & Related Accessories.
  • 5.Walkers and Related Accessories.
  • 6.Support Services (Mattresses & Overlays).
  • 7.Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), Pumps, Related Supplies & Accessories.
  • If we can be of any assistance for any of your patients, please contact us at either of the above telephone numbers.

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Affordable Compounding Pharmacy Services & Medical Supplies

medical supplies orange county

    Medical supplies

    Complete Line Of Unique Medical Supplies. We Bill Medicare.

  • Medical Supplies! (Restrictions May Apply)
  • Compression Hosiery (Men & Women)
  • bathroom Safety
  • Aids to Daily Living
medical supplies orange county CA

    Wheel Chairs

    Standard (Powered & Manual), Wheelchairs, Scooters, and Related Accessories

  • Hospital Beds & Related Accessories
  • Walkers and Related Accessories
  • Support Services
  • Supplies & Accessories
Vanicream  Skin Cream

    Vanicreamâ„¢ Skin Cream easy-to-spread and long-lasting

  • Formulated for even the most delicate, sensitive skin.

    Dermatologist Recommended!
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    Special Product
    About Premature Ejaculation

  • Premature ejaculation is a common male sexual health issue affecting approximately 30% of men in the USA. The primary solution prescribed by many physicians in the past have been SSRIs (anti-depressants) which has numerous side effects.

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18061 Beach at Talbert Huntington Beach, CA 92648; T: (714) 842-5390, F: (714) 842-5795