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Compounding Pharmacy Services

Compounding Pharmacy Services Improves' Patient Lives!

Do compounding pharmacy services seem complex to you? No, not with us! West Pharmacy is a leading compounding pharmacy in Orange County, California, outrivaling in preparing customized medicines and related services. We operate out of 3 different locations including Huntington Beach, Westminster and Fullerton, CA.

It is not only the price but the efficiency and clinical success of our compounding pharmacy products that have made us a winner in the niche arena.

We are a full-service compounding service provider in orange county specialized in preparing customized pain relief drugs to hard-to-find medications. Our knowledgeable and experienced pharmacists are committed to excellence and provide reliable, personalized, friendly, and efficient services to all our customers.

Our Services

With us, you get a myriad of services including:

• Customized Medications
• Pain Relief Topical Formulations
• Hormone Replacement
• Pediatric Preparations
• Hard-to-find and Discontinued Medicines
• Veterinary Formulations
• Suppositories



Why Our Compounding Services?

All custom medications are prepared in our high-tech compounding lab.

We offer an all-encompassing inventory of medicines to lessen waiting time so that you get your medications quickly.

With our medication management services, you get a detailed medication review or consultation by our veteran pharmacists. We help you identify and eliminate inappropriate medications, simplify medicine intake and lessen medication price.

Our pharmacist and staff work painstakingly with your doctor to get proper approval to offer you the best medications. We walk the extra mile to improve all kinds of medicines – from pediatric drugs to specialized formulations.

At West Pharmacy, we understand how important saving your hard earned dollars is. This is the reason we offer compounded medications at competitive prices despite offering the top quality medicines.

Our connection with a wide network of wholesalers helps us find hard-to-find medications just for you!

From pain-relieving topical formulations to sunscreen compounds to hormone replacement, we get our customers covered for regular as well as complex medication needs.

Even if you have problems getting your infant or pet take their medicines, West Pharmacy has the solution for you! We prepare colored and flavored formulations to make them attractive and edible.

Our pharmacists are qualified and trained enough to offer consultations and drug information

Visit our 3 stores in Orange County, CA, or buzz us at 714-842-5390 or 714-892-6916 for compounding pharmacy services.

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